Joshua Tree Adventure- Slackline Edition

We went to the park Friday to try our hand, or feet rather, at slacklining.  We have a 2in slackline that we’ve set up a couple of times in our front yard, but we wanted a change of scenery and a bigger area to practice.

We hiked around a bit to try to find some rocks that we could wrap our line around; we first went to Hall of Horrors, but didn’t find anywhere to slackline, but did some scrambling.


Pete and Tyler scrambling

I tried to make time to take some landscape photos while we were out there, but nothing was really that inspiring this trip.  I took one picture, but its not great.

View from Hall of Horrors

View from Hall of Horrors

We finally found someplace to get our line hooked up, it didn’t last long, the rocks weren’t heavy enough.  We didn’t get a lot of line walking in, but it was still a good afternoon in the park.

Pete and Tyler Slacklining

Pete and Tyler Slacklining

Tomorrow will be another adventure in the park.  Stay tuned!



Birthday Gift

One of my good friends, who let me take her engagement pictures, has a birthday this month.  I gave her the rights to the pictures, so I have no idea if she has had any of them printed, so I made a print for her for her birthday.  I used my favorite image and added some texture and layers and all the creative stuff I like to do, but not a lot of people think they like.  I had it printed and mailed to her.  I hope she likes it!  Image

Photo Adventures

I’ve been to the park a few times to take pictures.  With all the computer trouble I’ve been having, its been a struggle to go through them for people to take a look.  My husband ended up getting a new laptop so I can have the Mac.  It’s great to have a Mac, since it has faster processing, but my PC has Photoshop.  I can’t transfer it to the Mac :(  I downloaded the trial version of Elements and will just have to be happy with that since its a lot more affordable than Photoshop.  Now that we’ve got everything sorted out, check back for new Joshua Tree pictures!

Good insight to pricing

This is a good article that had great insight on pricing strategies. Who would have thought to charge by image? Good info, great read!

pricing by Russ Robinson

Exploring Joshua Tree National Park

We recently moved from North Carolina to California.  This is from our first visit to Joshua Tree National Park.

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